Students Testimonial

Dr Rohit Dubey is an amazing Doctor and an inspiring teacher.Each and every class with him is engaging and enjoying. His lecture delivering skills are exceptionally unique.when we have any discussion with him, he would patiently listen to us first before presenting his views.I used to think all of our main writings (chronic disease, organon of medicine, MM Pura, Lesser writing of Dr Hahnemann) were not really important but through his guidance i realised how important they are in order to achieve excellence as a Homeopath.He is the first teacher in my life whom i see as a lifetime mentor & can ask any question or query without any hesitation. I have learned so much from him & will always try to keep his teaching with me intact & sharp.

Dr Himani Dhaka

Great session. It was really a great insightful class. A complete different angle of understanding medicine. Thanx a lot.

Dr Varun Gupta

Thanks for such a wonderful ,clinical and practical enlightenment on fever. For sure it would help me immensely . Looking forward for many more soon.

Dr Priyanka Dev

It was a wonderful session sir! Today again u hv given us a different perspective of treating acute cases. Presentation of acute dis wrt causation, selection of low potencies in acute cases n real reason of our failure in acute cases ws very well explained by u..Feeling enthusiastic to learn more n looking forward to many more sessions like this!!

Dr Namita Khatana

Sir the session was broadened our view in treating acute diseases. It was the most practical session regarding our day to day practice as fever cases are very common and treating fever is the most difficult task .Today's session gave us very clear understanding of pathogenesis of fever which is very imp and will make our prescription perfect....knowledge regarding selection of potency will help us alot to correct our mistakes...looking forward to have more of these enlightening sessions...thanks a lot sir...

Dr Neetu Jain

Sir, Class was very good and the knowledge you are giving us is incomparable and ....I thank you for your support and for your precious time you are giving to us ....

Dr Vishal Nagar

Thanks sir for ur support and knowledge .. really won't have been possible to do anything in homoeopathy in life without u.

Dr Chander Vansh Bareja

Thanks to Dr. Rohit for sharing with us his valuable learning and experience.

Dr Vinay Kumar

Thanks for the class Dr Rohit! You explained everything really well and it couldn't have been any simplistic than this has definitely stirred a cord inside and am sure most of us would now be digging in deep to modify our approach. I am already looking forward to the next class.

Dr Nidhi Dhama

Ground plan for homoeopathy lecture 2 a series of lecture is being organised by Dr Rohit Dubey and Dr Tanaya Dubey at their clinic at Mayur Vihar on 17 may there was the second part of series.
It was an enchanting and eye-opener lecture for me. It mad me realise that i m an ugly duckling swimming with wrong species. It channelised the thought process that what i m not, what i m not supposed to see and what i m not supposed to do. The host doctor couple is too good and warm. As luck would have it they are supposed to be my juniors in college. But they are leaps and bounds ahead of seniors 30 years older than them. They strengthen my belief that homoeopathy is a science of healing where heart with conscience is involved. There can be homoeopaths with a allopathic and MBA heart and there can be allopaths with a homoeopathic heart. This doctor couple is having a golden heart free of all pride and prejudice. I again thank them and wish them all the success in life.

Dr Priyanka Jain