Do's and Dont's

- Don’t touch the homoeopathic medicine.
- Don’t take anything 15min before and after consuming the medicine. Drinking water is permissible.
- Avoids exposure of medicine to direct sunlight, aromatic things such as camphor, paints, solvents etc, x rays, strong magnetic field
- Don’t smoke or chew tobacco during course of treatment.
- Don’t use any Ayurvedic or herbal preparation like neem, tulsi, onion, garlic etc.
- Avoid strong smelling substances.
- Avoid Coffee, peppermint, green tea and Herbal tea.
- Avoid using electric blankets.
- In cosmetics avoid any medicated cream, electrolysis, aromatic facials and skin cosmetics.
- Avoid using antiperspirants or deodorants on skin.
- Avoid using aftershave.
- Avoid using medicated toothpaste.
- Avoid medicated soaps like green soaps, Dettol or Savlon etc.
- Avoid using any medicated shampoo such as ayurvedic or antidandruff shampoos.
- Avoid using Balms, Vicks, Moov etc.
- Avoid Strepcils, Vicks goli, Chewing gums.

- Keep the medicine on tongue and allow melting down and swallow gradually.
- Store the medicine in dark cold place but not in refrigerator.