Advanced Classical homoeopathy

What Classical means:
Every established classical system is associated with certain maxims that express its core values.
Similarly, Homoepathy is also based on few natural laws, viz.
  - Similars Cure Similars,
  - The single remedy,
  - The minimum dose,
 - The application of the potentized remedy.

These cardinal principles are then applied a number of ways that can be tailored to suit a wide variety of clinical situations. To reach the correct medicine a physician takes a details case history of presenting illness, past illness, family illness, he enquires about patient’s body structure and various body functions then asses his mental behaviour right from childhood to present state. Each and every point is taken into consideration before reaching to final medicine. Homoeopath who strictly follow the above said natural principles are called as Classical Homoeopath.

What Advancement means:
In Prayag Homoeopathic Centre we use all the latest Modern Medicine knowledge to understand Disease Pathologies and Prognosis with latest prognostic markers (Radiological findings and Blood reports) and advancement in medical sciences.

So we have a Blend of Old Classical Homeopathic approach with Modern advancement in medical science. This results in an exact diagnosis as well as accurate prognosis and also order, perform and interpret diagnositic test. This always help us to counsel the patient accordingly on diet, hygiene and preventive healthacare.
Below are the most common 9 ways of Treatment pattern use in Prayag Homeopathic clinic:
  - Single remedies over a longer period of time is use in almost every case.
  - Alternations of Medicine in tricky cases.
  - Tandem remedies to treat crisis or emergency situation.
  - Intercurrents Medicines for speedy recovery
  - Series of remedies for complex disorder
  - Acute remedies for acute illness
  - Chronic remedies for longstanding diseases
  - Anti Miasmatic remedies for stubborn cases
  - Prophylactic medicines whenever necessary.