Unique Approach

Unique Patient Management Programme:

1) Spirit Up-liftment Session (SUS) – Patient comes to us with a lot of hope after getting treated from various places with distorted or amputated spirit. We here in our clinic first rejuvenate and thus elevate the spirit of patient which is the first step in our treatment. This spirit resuscitation session is our unique way to kick start the treatment.

2) Minimum Medicinal Intervention (MMI) – We in our clinic try to alleviate sufferings of patient by uprooting the disease from its roots. We never try to make patient temporarily happy by giving superficial medicines which in long term doesn’t help the patient. Crux of Classical homoeopathy is to give the patient minimum medicine. Being a homeopath we stimulate the body to cure itself. Precisely speaking Homoeopathic medicine assist the Cure by stimulating the body, which in turn through a complex processes Cures the patient. So here we prescribe the patient with minimum medicines which stimulate the inner immune system to Cure or Recovery.

3) Educative approach w.r.t.:
a) Disease – Every Patient in our clinic is educated properly in terms of disease from which he is suffering. He is also told about the types of treatment available and the role of Homeopathy in it.
b) Prognosis – Prognosis is a medical term to predict the outcome (positive or negative) of the medical treatment of a particular illness in terms of improvement of sign and symptoms or improvement or worsening of quality of life. Every patient is educated in terms of prognosis of a particular disease,& also told about approximate time taken to get relief or cure of the presented illness.
c) Management – Diet and regimen plays an important part in many diseases, therefore special care is taken to achieve good diet plan to each patient. Do’s and Don’ts are given to each patient according to the nature of their illness. Proper guidelines for exercise and Yoga are also recommended for faster recovery. In order to improve the quality of life, patients are also counselled properly for preventive healthcare.

4) Safe Hands
a) Unique protocol for each case. – Two people suffering from same disease may not get same Homoeopathic medicine or may be the same medicine but not in the same way. Homoeopathy believes in treating MAN in DISEASE instead of Disease in Man. We here in our clinic strictly follow the basic principle of Homeopathy i.e. Individualization. Each patient is given ample time to listen his complaints patiently, detailed history is taken by professional doctors. Then assessment is done by senior Doctor with utmost care and precision..
b) Well organized approach for critical illness – Homoeopathy can be used as the best complimentary medicine along with modern medicines in critical illnesses to reduce the suffering of a patient, which in future minimizes the possibility of complications and opportunistic risk factors which could deteriorate the state of a patient ; and thus improve the quality of life.
c) Equipped with well-defined prognostic markers for each case – In nature every disease progress in a particular way and at the same time that disease leave the patient in a defined way, that’s called as Nature Law of Cure. Nature Law of Cure says that disease leave the patient in a definite manner viz.
 - from center to periphery,
 - from above downward,
 - from more important organ to less important organ.
In Homeopathy we strictly follow each case with Natural law of cure in terms of Diagnostic markers (Blood test, Urine test, Radiological examinations). We have Prognostic Markers for each and every case.

d) In no time we refer the patient for 2nd Opinion or Tertiary care if needed.

e) Care for every patient – Keywords use in our clinic are Compassion, understanding, empathy, honesty, competence, commitment, humanity, courage, creativity, a sense of justice, respect, optimism, grace.