Homoeopathic medicine


Plant Kingdom
Different parts of plant are used for the preparation of homeopathic mother tinctures that is used as a stock solution for making potencies. It may include herbs, flowers, stems, leaves, barks, weeds, roots, seeds and sometimes whole plant.

Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom contains medicines that are taken from some part of animal or from their secretions. These include different worms, insects, flies, lizard, crabs, toads and snakes, etc.

Mineral Kingdom
Most of the elements and compounds like salts, metals, nonmetals, alkalis and acids are used for medicine preparation from Mineral Kingdom.

The medicines that are synthesized by disease causing bacteria or viruses or some diseased part of humans, animals or plants are known as nosodes.

Sarcodes are homeopathic medicines that include endocrine glands as a whole, their normal products and secretions. They are also prepared from animal source.

Potentization is the process by which homeopathic remedies are made. It is a well calculated mathematical series of dilutions and agitations done in order to arouse the healing abilities of medicines.

Dispensing homeopathic medicine as recommended by doctor, can be done in following ways :
  - Globules: These the small 20 number size globules moistened with medicine to be taken 10 globules 4 times a day.
  - Distilled Water: Bottle should be succus 10 times then 1 teaspoon of the medicinal solution of distilled water is to be taken out from the given bottle and then mix into half glass of normal water. This is to be mix 10 times clockwise and then 10 times anticlockwise. Then 1 teaspoon is to be consumed and rest of the solution should be discarded. There may be change in the above procedure according to the suffering illness.
  - Diskette: It’s to be taken once or twice times a day as prescribe by doctor.

Store medicine in cool dry and dark place. Avoid exposure to sun as it may damage the medicinal quality of meidicne.