1) Basics of Homoeopathy
  a) Knowledge of cardinal principles of Homoeopathy
  b) How to Study Organon
  c) How to study Materia Medica

2) Study of Acute diseases
  a) Definition and classification
  b) Case taking
  c) Selection of medicine
  d) Dose
    - Potency
    - Vehicle
    - Repetition
  e) Follow –up
  f) Do’s & Dont's

3) Advance studies
  a) History of medicine
  b) Resolving mystery of Miasms
  c) Chronic Diseases
    - Case taking
    - Prescribing techniques
  d) Repertories
    - Basic knowledge of Repertories
    - How to read a Repertory?
    - How to select a Repertory?
    - Repertorisation process
  e) Selection of Dose
    - Potency
    - Vehicle
    - Repetition
  f) Follow-up
  g) Do’s & Dont’s (Diet & Regimen)

4) Specialized cases
  a) Difficult chronic Diseases – One Sided Diseases & Mix Miasmatic Diseases.
  b) Destructive pathologies
  c) Managing life threatening illness (ICU Patients)

5) Paediatrics cases
  a) Case taking
  b) Study of common ailments with their classification
  c) Prescribing techniques

6) Modern medicine study w.r.t. Homeopathy
  a) How to Study Medicine Book
  b) How to Read Pathology Book